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Expand Your Diving Education

As an Open Water Diver, and to continue your experience in scuba diving, you might just decide on reviewing your rusty skills, visit some of the qualifying "Specialties" of interest, or take a program that moves you up in rank and provides a rounded list of experiences. The "Advanced Open Water" gives you 5 different specialty experiences, plus good dive planning. The "Rescue Diver" course provides you survival skills & the ability to care for others. Diving in remote regions, or considering Pro level courses require this essential training. Take a look & see what interests you.

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Scuba review session (Review Your Diving Skills)
scuba review
Get Back to Basics

Certified, but haven't been in the water lately? Looking to refresh your dive skills and knowledge? Are you a PADI Scuba Diver or referral student diver and want to earn your PADI Open Water Diver certification? Are you looking for an orientation to Local Diving? If you answered yes to any of these questions then PADI Scuba Review is for you.

First, you'll review safety information and equipment setup, then practice fundamental scuba and watermanship skills in confined water. Reviews take 1 (3-hour) pool session. You may also elect to have an academic review & participate in optional supervised open water dive(s).

Course Requirements
  • Proof of Scuba Certification
  • Minimum Age 10
  • PADI Open Water Manual, Scuba Tune-up guidebook or PADI Scuba Tune-up Multimedia
  • $80 Instruction Fee. We provide scuba gear & wetsuit. You provide snorkel gear
Advanced Open Water Diver
advanced open water
5 Dives over 1 Weekend!

The Adventures in Diving program offers both the Adventure Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver certifications. Complete any three adventure dives & you can earn your Adventure Diver certification. Complete your Deep Dive, Underwater Navigation Dive and three Adventure Dives for a total of five, you can earn your Advanced Open Water Diver certification. You should take Advanced/ Adventure Diver soon after your Open Water Diver course!

After your five dives, you'll be more experienced, feel more comfortable in the water and simply enjoy diving more because you better understand the underwater environment and your abilities. This certification includes five Adventure Dives, including Underwater Navigation, Night Dive, Deep Dive, Naturalist & Search/ recovery.

Course Requirements
  • Any Open Water Diver Certification
  • Minimum Age 12
  • Home Study with the "Adventures in Diving" book or taking the PADI Elearning Home-Study online
  • $180 Instruction Fee (includes one day of boat diving)
  • $150 course signup fee
  • $330 TOTAL fee - including Certification card
  • Rental Scuba Gear available (not included in the price above)
Rescue Diver
rescue diver
Be a Good Buddy & Care for Yourself

How do you take a subject like accident prevention and management and turn it into fun? Call it the PADI Rescue Diver Program! This course develops your knowledge and skills so you can effectively perform diver assists and rescues, manage a diving accident and render first-aid.

The program is an important step in expanding your knowledge as a diver. PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent) is also a prerequisite for all PADI leadership programs.

Course Requirements
  • Junior or Open Water Diver Certification
  • Minimum age 12
  • Current CPR and First-Aid certification
  • Home Study with the PADI Rescue Book Pkg or taking the PADI Elearning on-line Home Study Course
  • $180 Instruction Fee
  • $60 course signup fee
  • $240 TOTAL fee - including Certification card
  • Rental Scuba Gear available (we recommend training in your own)
Master Scuba diver
master scuba diver
The Highest Level of Certification for a non-Professional

This certification denotes that you've reached the highest recreational diver level in the PADI System of diver education. PADI Master Scuba Diver indicates you have a significant amount of training and experience in a variety of dive environments. Divers need only to apply with proof of advancements.

Course Requirements
  • Open Water Diver certification
  • Advanced Open Water Diver certification
  • Rescue Diver certification
  • 50 logged dives
  • Five PADI Specialty course certifications
  • Minimum age: 12 years old
  • FREE. You only pay PADI for registration!

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