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This page is devoted to maintaining excellent Customer Relations and reach out to others who may benefit from our services. Foremost in importance is exercising good communication with our customers via feedback.

Social Reviews

There is one common complaint that small businesses share worldwide & that is regarding the destructive content of Review Sites like YELP! Certainly they have their place- to share personal experiences, good & bad, with a service or product. Specific to service, someone's 1-star review hurts the entire Company & all of it's employees! Whether it was a bad day, unplanned circumstance, specific employee or customer, everyone pays the same price. In this case, it is usually the intent of the Writer to damage the Company. The relationship between the Company and the customer is now beyond repair. It is also common for the Reviewer to mispresent the events or facts to meet their ultimate goal. Future readers will have to decide for themselves whether this information is helpful to them and may very well never visit this Company, based on misleading information.

Regarding constructive criticism, the Customer is better served by contacting the Company's "Customer Relation Department" or owner.  "Customer Review" sites reviews rarely allow the readers to see both sides. "Customer Review" sites don't filter what's written, nor do they care about the parties involved, unless Companies pay for a business subscription.

Divers are Special!

Once you've gotten a little training, and become associated with the Staff during a class or Event, you become part of our group & join in with the worldwide Dive Community, which shares a common goal, "Having Fun Underwater"!  Serving the Dive Community can be very rewarding! It is also labor intensive & requires a high level of coordination, behind the scenes, to keep it fun & provide quality service. If we get out-of-step, help us to get back on track. Follow below for further information;

Communication Options (email links for your comments)

We will post anonymous Customer Reviews, Suggestions, and Resolved Complaints on occasion!

Return Policy
return policy
Return or Exchange

Generally, you have 30 days & prefer an exchange which fits, meets the need etc. We would much prefer more expensive items within 2 weeks, before we've had to replenish stock.

Any returns or exchanges must be in "As New" condition & accompanied with a receipt.

No returns or refunds on the following;

  • Swimwear
  • Student Materials
  • Items that have been used. Pool use acceptable in most cases. In all cases, we need all of the original packaging & it needs to be "Like New"
  • Cut-to-Order Materials such as webbing, Line & Tubing
Rental Policy
return policy

When you rent from us, you will fill out a "Rental Agreement" which identifies the equipment rented and your agreement to be "Financially" responsible until it's safe return. You must have a signed credit card on file before you can rent. Items not returned are charged our std. retail price. Rental repairs due to the Rentee are charged our std. rates.

The Rental Form is pretty std for renting Adventure Sports gear anywhere. Lost or Damaged items are rare, except maybe lost weights. Consideration for special circumstances accepted.

Requirements (in simple terms)
  • The rental period is identified on your form. It's due back on the Return Date. Any deviation - call to discuss! You may be responsible for extra days rent.
  • Don't try to fix a rental problem or take it to another store. This often damages our investment. If our gear was faulty, you may be entitled to a refund or rain-check.
  • Renters should always carry a save-a-dive kit for the little mishaps. We are not responsible for valve O-rings. Carry spares
  • Bring back the equipment rinsed of debris & salt water by soaking. Unrinsed gear is subject to a $5 cleaning fee. Treat gear like it's yours. Lost or damaged gear is your financial responsibility. We want it back just as it was rented to you. Wet returns are fine. Don't refill our tanks, we'll do that. Never completely drain a tank.
  • You agree that you are a certified diver (for scuba & drysuits) and not to loan your equipment to others. Be sure to account for all items before returning, including inflator hoses adapted to your regulator, etc.
  • FYI: Regular rentals used over the weekend may be out from Thursday to Monday. Other arrangements can be made. They are due back on time.
Repair Service Policy
return policy

Generally, repair services are warranted for 30 days, & parts per Mfr.,  as long as it hasn't been damaged. We are fine with performing minor tweaks, etc. within a reasonable time.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for repairs. Dry Suits may be longer. Warranty & Mfr. battery changes are subject to their lead-time + shipping time & costs which are hard to quote up front.

General Considerations
  • You need to give enough lead-time for us to do a proper job. Of course there's exceptions & we do our best, but if we can't complete due to a parts problem, or other unforeseen issue, then understand. We don't know if there's a parts issue until we disassemble it. Always give a drop-dead date so we can better plan for deadlines.
  • Show Proof of Purchase, service records & warranty card before we begin your work, if it's warranty service. You are responsible for shipping & accept that as part of your service agreement. We will call as soon as we receive back any Warranty Service done by the Manufacturer. Manufacturer policy changes are often without notice & subject to change (rare).
  • If your tank is hydro tested & it doesn't pass, you will still need to pay for the service. Very rare, but can happen.
  • Equipment is returned after payment. You are responsible for picking it up in a timely manner. If not right away, we'd consider a week to be appropriate. Equipment will be considered abandoned after 2 months without  communication & reason. Storage charges may apply.
Instruction Service Policy
return policy

Instruction fees are generally divided between the Shops registration fee & a separate payment to the Instructor. The shop registration fee is due in advance to hold your place in class. All fee balances are due no later than the start of your course. The Instructor is paid via check or cash. You will receive a receipt.


Other Considerations
  • Shop Registration fees pay for the overhead for that class & supports the planning need for assistants, logistics etc. Rescheduling your course requires at least 1 weeks notice. Students who don't show or call, or cancel at the last minute will lose their deposit. If you miss a session, you'll need to reschedule & pay for the missed session.
  • You should have a Course outline for the Open Water Diver Course. Read it beforehand. Be prepared for your course. Holding up the rest of the class by being unprepared puts an unnecessary burden on the other students & Staff. Have your snorkel gear prepared & ready for the first night. Trying to purchase gear 15 minutes before class start is unrealistic. Plan on an hour for that process, so that we may best serve you & get it right.
  • Fitting your rental gear for ocean use is required. It's not the same as pool gear & must be fitted. The student is responsible for picking up & returning all rental equipment for ocean use. Weekend rentals are from Thursday to Monday. Due back Monday. Call if special considerations are necessary.
  • Ocean Makeups: This is always tough. For Open Water Students, if the student can't complete & reschedules for another try, then they do pay for ocean rental gear at a student rate. Paying the Instructor again will depend on his ability to cover the next session with additional asistants etc., or if the student ends up with another Instructor. Generally, it is expected that the student will need to pay for the extra time & effort again, which is pretty minimal, all considered. For all other in-water courses, we leave it up to the Instructor. No additional fees are expected by the Dive Center.

Referrals & Group Programs

Referrals are a great thing! It's common for divers to refer their friends, which is a benefit to all. If you have a group of 4 friends or more, then we can accommodate a special class for them. Facilities can arrange for a long-term assignment with our support.

Off-Site Group Lessons
return policy

Aquatics Pool Facilities may have a Membership of enthusiasts that are interested in diving. We can provide year-round Instruction at any level and the whole family can be involved!


  • "Discover Scuba, starting at age 8 is always a winner. Have a pool party or get all ages invloved to Discover what it's like to breath underwater.
  • "Learning to Dive" is taking the Open Water Diver course. We can make arrangements to teach at your site any time of year.
  • To start your program, simply talk with our Course Coordinator about logistics & fees.

Become a "Pacific Scuba Diver" Club Member & join in on our Local Dives!