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Come dive with us! Book your diving courses online now!

  • Open Water Diver - Referral

Open Water Diver - Referral

Finish basic tranings and exam with your local dive shop. Travel to your vacation dive destinations to finish ocean dives and get your certification!

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The referral course is the same as the PADI Open Water Diver(OWD) course, except you complete your 4 ocean dives at a location of your choice.

Finish basic training and exams locally. Save time for your travel!

  Course content:  

There are four major parts of the PADI Open Water Diver program; self study, pool training, knowledge review/exam and ocean dives.

Self study:
Before your class begins, please complete the study of all PADI training materials. You have the choice between PADI online eLearning or the PADI Open Water Diver Book/DVD (Crew-Pak).

  • Online eLearning:
    • PADI eLearning makes it easy to fit scuba lessons into a busy schedule. Learn about scuba diving principles and terminology whenever, wherever it's convenient for you.
    • Take the online exam. After passing the exam, please print out the PADI training eRecord page.
    • eLearning time commitment: 5-10 hours
    • Order online
  • Book/DVD(Crew-Pak):
    • Please read all 5 sections of the book and finish the knowledge review questions at the end of each section.
    • Please watch the PADI open water diver DVD. (The final paper exam also includes the content from the DVD)
    • After completing all five knowledge reviews in each section, kindly detach the corresponding pages from the book and submit them to your instructor. PADI mandates the submission of original copies of the knowledge review pages for certification.
    • Book/DVD time commitment: 8-12 hours
    • Pay and pick up at the store

Pool training:
This is a hands-on session. Your instructor will demonstrate the required skills and watch you repeat the same skills in the swimming pool. The completion of all skills requires two days, with three hours of pool time each day.

Knowledge review/exam:
There is a classroom lecture from your instructor. Your instructor will emphasize on the most important topic of scuba diving again. If you have any question during your self study, this is a good time to ask the instructor. After the lecture, there is a final test for all the students.

  • eLearning students: One quick review test
  • Book/DVD students: There are 4 knowledge review tests and a final exam

Ocean dives:
As a referral student, you'll complete your four mandatory ocean dives with a different PADI instructor at the location of your choosing. Certification will be awarded upon successful completion of these four ocean dives. We'll transfer all your pool and exam training records to your ocean instructor.


Item Note   Price   Payment
Registration fee[1]
Registration, pool fee and scuba kit (No perosnal gears)
  ( No refund within 7 days prior to the class starting date )  
Pay online when you register
  PADI Training Material[2]  

Option 1: PADI OWD eLearning
  ( $75 store credit[3] with eLearning purchase from us ) 

$230 order online
Option 2: PADI OWD BOOK(Crew-Pak) and rent DVD 
Pay and pick up at the shop
Instructor fee
Pool instructor fee
Pay at the shop
Personal gears
Mask, snorkel[4]
  Price may vary  
  You can purchase them at the shop  

[1] The class could be canceled due to weather or other reasons. We will help you reschedule the class or issue a full refund if your class is canceled by us. If you reschedule your class within 7 days prior to the class start date, a late rescheduling fee will be charged
[2] It's OK to bring your own PADI training material either eLearning or book/DVD. If you use your own PADI OWD BOOK, there is a $50 processing fee required by PADI for your certification
[3] $75 Store credit only applies to persinal gear purchases
[4] For your personal hygiene, we stopped personal gear rentals. You will need your own mask and snorkel to complete this course

  Referral Course Sessions:  

Day 1: 

  • Pool Session 1 - Confined Water Dive 1 - 3
  • Classroom Session: Lecture, Knowledge Reviews, Quizzes and Exam

Day 2:

  • Pool Session 2 - Confined Water Dive 4 - 5
  • Fill out training record and referral form 

  Course Requirements:  

Prerequisites Able to swim; medically fit for diving[1]
Total time commitment 2 days
Minimum age 10 years or older[2]
Depth expect shallow dives less than 9ft in the pool

[1] Swim 200 yards or snorkel 300 yards without resting and Float at deep water for 10 minutes
[2] A PADI Jr. Open Water Diver between the ages of 10 and 12 years may only dive with a PADI Professional, a certified parent or guardian to a maximum depth of 40 feet.

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