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We have top quality gear for rent. We offer Regulators, Submersible Pressure Gauges(SPGs), Dive Computers, Buoyancy Control Devices(BCDs), Steel Tanks, Aluminum Tanks, Weights, Weight Belts, Wet Suits - 3/4/7mm, Dry Suits and more.


3 Day Weekend Rental prices (Thurs to Mon)
Daily and Weekly rates also available.

  • $78 Scuba Package (Tank, Regulator, BCD, Weight Belt, Wet suit, Hood or Hooded Vest)
  • $75 Dry Suit Package (Drysuit, Boots, Garment, Hood)
  • $15 Scuba Tank - Aluminium 3000psi (50CF, 80CF)
  • $20 Scuba Tank - LP Steel 2640psi (77CF, 81CF, 85CF, 108CF)
  • $25 Scuba Tank - HP Steel 3442psi (65CF, 80CF, 100CF)
  • $22 BCD
  • $27.50 Regulator and Console (Regulator, Alternate Air Source, SPG, Computer)
  • $25 Wet Suit 7mm
  • $20 Wet Suit 3/4mm
  • $5.50 Hood
  • $20 Weight Belt & Weights

For first time use, please get fitted at our shop to ensure your gear fits. 

Please call (408)247-7702 to make reservations.