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For Brands Carried

Factory Repair or Replace

In-House Diagnosis


Scuba Repair


Buoyancy Compensators

Scuba, SCBA & Paintball Tanks

Dry suits

Wet suits


Prescription Masks

Custom Rx Prescription Masks available

Plan for 2 weeks turnaround

In-house Diopters for selected masks for both nearsightness and farsightness

Paste-on Bifocals for any mask


Gas Fills

Available - Ultra-Pure Air, Nitrox Enriched Air up to 50% O2, O2 - Aviation Grade

$6 Scuba Air Fill. Fill Card Discount

$10 Std Nitrox Fill. Fill Card Discount

$15 Std Paintball Cylinder Fill

$Call O2 Fills - pending CF applied

$Call SCBA Fill - pending max PSI



Complete in 2-3 weeks. Tank Visual in 1 day.

Expedite repairs available.

$45 Tank Hydro (every 5yrs)

$90 Tank Hydro + O2 Cleaning

$35 Tank Tumble

$17 Tank Annual Visual (VCI) 

$15 BCD or $25 BCD with inflator + parts

$55 Regulator service per stage

$85 Drysuit Seals (Wrists or Neck)