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  • Shop Manager
  • Shop Staff 

⚓ Teaching / Dive Leader Crew:

We warmly welcome new PADI instructors and Divemasters to join our team at Pacific Scuba Divers. If you are passionate about teaching or leading dives, we encourage you to email your resume to

⚓ Shop Staff: 

Pacific Scuba Divers offers an enjoyable and fulfilling work environment. As a small local dive shop, we create a family-like atmosphere among our staff members. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service with a positive and enthusiastic approach. We value individuals who are eager to expand their knowledge of scuba diving and who demonstrate a strong commitment to teamwork. If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your resume to

Job Responsibilities:

  • Assisting customers
  • Prepare rental equipment for customers
  • Maintaining and cleaning returned rental equipment
  • Filling SCUBA cylinders
  • Ensuring the store remains clean, organized, and well-stocked

Job requirement:

  • Be able to lift 50+ pounds and perform repetitive motions
  • Comfortable working around scuba tank filling station
  • Able to use Google Workspace with basic computer skills
  • Scuba certification is NOT required to work here, but having an open water diver certificate or higher is a plus.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay Range: $18 - $22 per hour

⚓ Shop Manager:

As the shop manager, you will work closely with the management team to supervise daily operations and offer guidance to the entire team. We are seeking an ideal candidate who possesses outstanding customer service skills, exceptional communication abilities, and preferably prior experience in scuba shop logistics. To apply for the position, please send your resume to

Job Responsibilities:

  • Guding and orginizind shop staff members
  • Custormer facing and operate POS system
  • scuba class / tour creation and managment
  • Product Knowledge
  • Sales

Job requirement:

  • Scuba Certified with prior experience in customer service or similar role
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to plan and manage day-to-day operations
  • Customer-centric mindset and strong communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Knowledge of scuba equipment
  • Able to lift 50+ pounds and perform repetitive motions
  • Flexible work schedule of 40 hours per week based on business needs
  • Prior experience in the scuba industry is a plus

Job Type: Full-Time

Pay Range: $25-$35 per hour