Come dive with us! Book your diving courses online now!

Come dive with us! Book your diving courses online now!

  • Watermanship / Snorkeling

Watermanship / Snorkeling

Our Watermanship Course will overcome common deficiencies and prepare the new student for diving. It's our most popular program, going beyond simple swimming and snorkeling.

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Learn to Snorkel the Right Way

Often, we find new students are not quite ready for a Scuba Program, due to lack of good watermanship. It's generally a result of lack of experience in swimming or not having much background in aquatic sports. We prepares students with the necessary skills to meet PADI watermanship requirements beforehand. After this session you will find learning Scuba to be so easy, you'd wonder why you waited so long. Great for most all ages, even if you only wanted to learn snorkeling.


Course Requirements:

  • Age - 8 years or older
  • Complete the Medical Form
  • Bring a Swimsuit and Towel
  • Bring your own Snorkeling Gear; example:  Mask, Snorkel, Fins, wetsuit and weights.

Snorkeling Gear can be rented at our shop


Course Cost:

  • $60 Instruction Fee (Dose not include Snorkeling gear)


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