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Swift Transmitter

Swift Transmitter


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Part Number:17001 Manufacturer: Shearwater

About SWIFT Transmitter with LED- by Shearwater SKU: 17001

We are thrilled to announce the next generation wireless pressure transmitter, the Shearwater® SWIFT™.

With smart AI technology, the Swift creates a highly reliable connection, listens for other transmitters, and only communicates when the channel is clear to avoid collision with other signals.

Now, divers can use multiple transmitters near each other without worrying about potential interference or having to use different colours. The Swift is backwards compatible with all existing Shearwater AI enabled computers.

This advanced technology is leveraged by our new firmware which includes support for up to 4 transmitters on compatible Shearwater models. This firmware also includes exciting new features like advanced screen customization and AI Sidemount mode.

The no-tools design makes it easy to remove and replace the Swift from the 1st stage. Gone is the need to find a particular size tool to tighten or loosen the transmitter, making it perfect for travel.

A double O-ring seal protects a user-replaceable 3v CR2 lithium battery offering up to 300 hours of time. The LED status indicator lets the diver know things are functioning as they should at a glance during setup.

Constructed from high-quality oxygen compatible components, at only 135g and 76mm x 34mm, the Swift is compact, rugged and rated 200 msw depth and 300 Bar gas pressure.

The Swift is designed and built in Canada.

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